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I contacted Karen on a Wednesday morning to look at a home that was just listed.

We looked at that home at 12:30 pm that same day and also put an offer on that home. She made arrangements for me to meet with Audrey at Park Co. Mortgage to get the process in motion that day also. Unfortunately, I did not get that home. I contacted her about a week later about a FSBO home and we went to look to look at that home. I made an offer on that home and it was accepted! Karen went above and beyond in working with me and getting me into the perfect home!! Great experience with Karen!

Vickie Nordmeyer

Karen tried with everything she had to find my perfect first time house, she made sure I was very well educated about my options before any decision was made!

Karen mde me feel like I was more than just a typical client.

Bailey Uleberg

Karen is the best She tells it how it is

Peter Bolken

She tells you she loves her job during the first meeting, and after that she shows you she loves her job.

Karen is a great realtor, even if she forgets to communicate sometimes (she's a busy lady, its bound to happen!). She really helped us understand what was going on through the whole process, which was awesome since this is our first house!

Jennifer Kern

Karen did a great job!

You can tell that she loves what she does and she truly does go above and beyond for her clients. Karen was very accessible - always returning calls on a timely basis. She was a calm, reassuring voice during a stressful time with our loan approval process, and during this COVID-19 pandemic. Karen is very knowledgeable and offered many helpful suggestions regarding our new home, and also gave us recommendations re carpet cleaners and movers. We were very lucky to have her as our realtor!

RaeAnn and Kristen Johnson

Karen Skjold has been fantastic—we meshed extremely well.

She listened to me, understood my needs, and answered all my questions (first time homebuyer at age 55–I knew a lot of things, but occasionally was clueless about certain things—she was great at explaining, and not making me feel dumb). She’s also very knowledgeable about remodel/upkeep projects—what all is entailed and costs, plus is able to recommend contractors or stores/companies.

Allison Koster

Karen Skjold has been my realtor through my buying and selling experience and has been absolutely FANTASTIC!

She has smoothed out all the minor bumps that have occurred and has gone the extra mile every day to get me what I have been needing. Would highly recommend her to anyone I know wanting to buy/sell a home.

Olivia Hance


Blake Naber

Karen is absolutely the best.

She helped us both buy then sell our home in Fargo. So easy to deal with and someone we trusted and became friends with. We moved th TN or we wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again. We sold our home in Fargo in 24 hrs. Wow. Very happy working with her.

Carol Miller Schaefer

I will consider Karen a friend forever.

She was very helpful and went the extra mile to make sure the closing went smoothly. She made sure I was prepared so there would not be any delays. I will certainly be recommending her if any of my friends will be looking to buy or sell in the future.

Teri Steckroat

Very happy with or realtor Karen Skjold, we were all over the place with what type of home we wanted and Karen worked with us the whole time to find the right home for us.

Mike Himmerick

Karen was patient with helping me to find my 1st real home and helping me with every step along the way!

Jenna Hochstein

Karen is great to work with!

Honest, tries to find the best fit in real estate, and goes the extra mile!

Rodney and Jeanne Keller

Karen put pressure on the buyer at the right time, which allowed us to finally close on the house.

Blake Naber


Happened faster than expected!!!

Lori Kincer

Great Experience.

Looked at many properties until I found the perfect one. Closing went without a flaw.

Shirley Winters

Karen went above and beyond our expectations.

With every bump in the road, she had a positive outlook to help guide us through the process.

Lindsey Miller

Karen was very professional, helpful, timely, sincere and reliable.

We enjoyed working with her!

Allen and Sharon Rasmussen

Simple and easy, My first offer fell through and I was able to get back on the market at get a better offer.

Daniel Herrera

I can't express how thankful we are to have chosen Karen to help us sell our property.

She was a professional every step of the way. We had some challenges throughout our closing process but I never worried about whether they would be handled or not due to Karen's involvement in the process and her keeping me up to date. If anyone thinks about trying to sell a house on their own or going with another realtor, they should include Karen in their realtor interview process before making a decision. The value she brought to the entire process was worth more than a sack of shiny gold coins to me and my family.

Kerry Taylor

Karen was always friendly, informative, and supportive.

We say several homes and Karen always encouraged us to wait for the right one, it was not about the sale for her, it was about finding us the perfect home.

Morgan Svingen

Karen is seriously the best!

She helped us buy and sell our first home. She made us laugh often and helped us feel confident in each step of the process. Karen is a realtor who genuinely cares for her clients. We are so glad to have worked with her!

Sam Hedberg

Karen Skjold was the most amazing fit with us and our personalities, telling it like it is and how to get the best results.

She was more knowledgeable than I would expect a realtor to be on all aspects of our selling and buying, fixes and necessary processes. We highly recommend her to anyone considering buying or selling. Karen the realtor, as my daughter has called her is a part of our family now, whether she wants to be or not.

Jill Bolken

Karen did a fantastic job helping us find our very first home.

She was great right from the start. We called her one morning and that evening we were meeting with her till very late starting the process! We were so excited to know we could look at houses the very next day. She was awesome at showing us many different types of houses and trying to meet our expectations as much as possible! We had a problem with an inspection during our house search that stopped us from buying that particular house, but Karen was right there to help us start our search over again! She spent hours with us on Memorial Day and helped us find our dream home. She was always just a text or phone call away. She made the process so easy and we can’t thank her enough. Karen did a fantastic job and I will definitely recommend her to friends and family and when we decide to buy again we will be calling Karen!

Kaitlin Nation

I previously worked with Karen when purchasing a home in 2013, then again to sell in 2015.

I had great success and she helped me tremendously throughout both. I knew without a doubt she would be my go-to person to buy my new home.

Celeste Weber

The people who work there are helpful and very generous!

I’m really appreciative of the help I got and the home I have! Thank you guys for all your help!

Neima Getachew

Karen is awesome!

With her help we made very good money.

Blake Naber

Karen and Audrey are great to work with.

Alex Kludt

Karen was incredible, she is genuine, sincere and edficient

Iyad Alkhouri

Felt comfortable, she was on my side.

Bill Schuler

Karen stayed with us through difficult condo sales period.

Never wavered, kept positive.

Gordon Olson
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"Karen Skjold has been fantastic—we meshed extremely well. She listened to me, understood my needs, and answered all my questions (first time homebuyer at age 55–I knew a lot of things, but occasionally ... more "
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"Karen is awesome and gives realistic and helpful feedback. She knows the area and what should be done to the house to maximize the price of our house. more "
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