Karen Skjold


(701) 219-1697 | karenskjold@parkcompany.com | ND #7858 / MN #40050765

"I'm not in this for one transaction. I can work with the first time home buyer. I can work with you when your moving up, when the kids have come and you're ready to buy the bigger house. When the kids have gone and you're ready to downsize. We can cover it all."

About Karen Skjold

What I love about real estate is that it's NOT about selling houses, it IS about creating long lasting relationships with my clients and friends. Helping them make the best possible choices for the next stage in their life is the life I treasure. Whether you're a first-time buyer, moving up to make room for more family or a different lifestyle, even downsizing as life changes, there is always a solution to keep you moving forward with the right home. Oh, the fun we'll have on the way!
I have traveled a very circuitous route to find the work and life that I truly love. Since attending UND, I’ve been a locksmith, bartender, auction clerk, high school speech coach, collections officer, sales manager, computer programmer, and several other highly varied occupations. Without this meandering path, I would not have found my calling creating long lasting relationships with clients and friends, helping them make the best possible moves for their lives. I have two grown children and am still madly in love with my husband. I love my work, my connections, my city and all of the wonderful experiences that come with new and familiar faces alike. My promise is straight talk as we get to know each other and I understand better what you want and need most in your next move. If I can help, which is the thing I really love to do most, please call me.